3 steps to follow to regain your faith in yourself

Spring always reminds me of fresh starts, renewal and rebirth. Looking at nature starting anew after the hibernation period reminds me of our cyclical nature and that pause, reflection and being dormant are all part of the natural cycle we, humans, also go through. 

I’ve gone through so many ups and downs in my life, many of which were external but likewise many of which were my own doing. We certainly cannot control external circumstances we often find ourselves in, but we can control our reaction to those circumstances. But like many people I often react by losing faith in myself, getting into my head, letting myself stand in the way, let depressive thinking patterns take over, go on downward spiraling rollercoaster, etc. This part of the journey never feels good and it has tested me many times. This is the part of our life I like to call hibernation, dormancy and reflection. While it sounds like it should be the easy part of the cycle, let me be clear by saying that this period is much harder than the period when we see results, when we feel confident and when we believe we got it under control. So the question becomes how do we get out of hibernation, get out of the rut, how do we get out of our way?! 

  1. The first step is to become conscious of the state of mind you’re in. According to Bruce Lipton, an average person is conscious of only 1% of their thoughts while a mindful person is aware of 5% of their thoughts. This is surprising and almost alarming knowing that most thoughts we think come from the subconscious part of our mind. You can gauge your state of mind based on how you’re feeling. Emotions are usually the first indicator that something is off. If you’re quick to blow someone off or scream at the driver that cut you off then it may be time to pause and pay attention. Becoming conscious of your state of mind can come from being mindful, from friends who are willing to point it out to you, meditation, prayer, therapy, etc. Writing or creating any kind of art can also be revealing and healing in many cases. There is no one size fits all, so my suggestion is use whatever works for you. Get into the habit of checking with yourself on a regular basis to bring the unconscious thought patterns into your consciousness. I sometimes have to persist in reflecting to figure out what’s underneath my emotions.  
  2. The next step is admitting that you’re feeling some type of way; maybe you lost faith in yourself, life, process or Universe. Admitting is hard because you have to face the negative state of mind head on. There is no way to sugar coat this situation and make it feel tolerable when it doesn’t feel good in any way, shape or form. For this reason this is one of the hardest parts for me; when I know I’m feeling down but I’m not ready to admit it to myself because once I do I have to do something about it. And in many cases I want to stay where I am and not change anything. Although I am feeling some type of way, I prefer to stay where I am because it’s comfortable to be in the current state because I know how it feels and because it’s a known state. This is why admitting and facing the ‘hibernation’ directly is critical in your path to achieving your goals.
  3. After doing the hard work of bringing subconscious thought patterns into your consciousness and admitting to yourself that your state of mind is caused by the thought patterns you keep repeating in your head, it’s time to change them. On one hand this is easy but on the other it’s hard. It’s easy because after the second step you’ve prepared yourself for change so you know discomfort is coming. But change is hard for everyone, whether small or big. Change means discomfort, growth, learning and in some cases pain. This is the hard part of change. In order to grow, learn and achieve our goals we have to be in a state of discomfort. Discomfort comes from physically making new synapses in your brain, mentally learning new things and psychologically overcoming the fear of the unknown. 

The secret part of getting out of your hibernation is to practice mindfulness every day. I use everything in my environment to remain mindful. Every time I hear a loud noise or any noise out of the ordinary, I bring myself back to the present moment. I sometimes carry crystals in my pocket and every time I touch them I use it to bring myself back to the present. I diffuse oils to stay alert and every time I smell them it’s my cue to come back to the present moment. I wear Evolmi diffuser bracelets and every time I see them on my wrist, every time I feel them on my skin, every time I hear them dangle and every time I get a whiff of the essential oil I use that as a sign to come back to the present moment. I love the fact that with Evolmi diffuser bracelets I can use four different senses to trigger the mindfulness state. I also love the fact that I can also use metaphysical properties of different crystals to bring a balance to my state of mind. One of my favorite crystals is the Red Tiger Eye and Survival bracelets. This stone single handedly takes care of grounding and calming you while also giving you the courage to deal with anything that life throws your way. This makes it the perfect Survival Bracelet you can rely on in any given circumstance.


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  1. Fatima, I am living in the wisdom of this blog post & feeling it so keenly! Yes, “hibernation” which means that at some point, there will be awakening & returning to the World but rested & sharper; more awake & ready. 🙂
    Thank you for this! ??

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