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Fatima Razic’s EVOLMI jewelry business started by coincidence but is now a full time responsibility with hundreds of sales. She is convinced that it’s popular because people are drawn to spirituality and are looking for something deeper to enhance their lives. Her jewelry seems to fit that need.

Everything Razic creates has to have deeper meaning just like the name of her business. It stands for “Evolve Me” but there’s also a much deeper meaning. Read EVOLMI backwards and you’ll get a message just for you and a boost of energy from the artist.

As with many small business ventures, this one started with a simple idea. Razic promised a friend that she would make her a diffuser bracelet to commemorate their trip to Letchworth State Park for the first NYS Yoga Festival in June 2018. One week later she had two bracelets in her hand when she knocked on her friend’s door.

After testing them for a few days she decided to make more and lined her wrist with lots of different bracelets defused with different oils. She loved how they looked and liked smelling different fragrances during her yoga practice.

She sold five bracelets in one day without trying to sell any. She decided to make some bracelets and sell them at the Rochester Public Market. If the idea failed, Razic thought, she would just wear them or give them away to her friends and family. In three months Razic had sold over 500 bracelets without any promotion or social media presence.

She says that her customers are attracted to the healing crystals she uses to make her products and her vibrant and joyful energy. When her customers can’t decide on which piece to buy, she suggests the bracelet that often matches exactly what that customer needs. All the crystals have different vibrational energies and healing properties that affect how wearers are impacted.

With the success of the RPM sales, Razic added the South Wedge Farmer Market to her marketing outreach. “Market customers are loving me and my bracelets,” Razic said. She plans to expand the business and bring it to as many people as possible because she’s seen the positive effects of her products. Many customers return after trying out one of her pieces and they all say, “There really is something to this.” Those are her favorite moments. Razic hopes to elevate the world one human being at a time. Her goal is to ground and elevate as many people as she can reach with spiritually and energetically charged jewelry and accessories.

Currently, you can find her work at Abundance Food Co-op (571 South Ave.), CB Depot (2300 W Ridge Rd.) and Cameleon, (650 Main St., East Aurora.). You can also find Razic selling her products at the South Wedge Market on Thursdays and Rochester Public Market on Saturdays. Visit her website often for new creations at www.evolmi. com. Prices range from $25 to $50 depending on the crystals used.


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